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Alternative For Germany Alternativ fuer Deutschland

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The Alternative For Germany (Alternativ fuer Deutschland) is a newer political party on the extreme far-right spectrum of politics.  They've slightly changed the formula of the flailing NPD by appearing to be more moderate, even using less-threatening coloring that doesn't invoke imagery of 1941 Germany, and friendlier-looking representatives.  While their speeches and rallies are still infused hatred, general xenophobia, and fear-mongering designed to scare their geriatric followers, they do it with slightly less spittle and anger and offer controlled-releases of the hatred, racism, and xenophobia.  They've made headway in such areas as Hamburg, bizarrely.

In Munich, they are still rather small, but they added themselves to the far/radical right sewer that's been polluting the city's streets for several months now, which prominently features Bagida and neonazi groups such as III. Weg (The Third Way), among others, at their core.  AfD's messages varied little from those we've all heard from populist, nationalistic, racist, and xenophobic groups throughout Europe and Germany, including those of Bagida. They can essentially be interchanged at this point.

This rally was also less than genuine, bolstering their counts by timing the beginning with the end of City Hall's bell display, which draws hundreds of tourists every round.  Their geriatric audience also displayed a propensity towards intolerance regarding how they treated journalists (as evidenced in a picture series below when a Bagida regular accosted a local journalist/documentarian), as well as how they treated a miniscule, youth activist group at the back of the audience.  The youths were welcomed with insults, aggression- both physical and verbal, yet they remained vocally peaceful.  Some geriatrics were so enraged with anything resembling a camera, that they didn't bother to see that the people whose cameras they were blocking with flags and whom they were pushing were police officers in uniform on assignment to also document the rally.

Pathetically and bizarrely, the rally lasted roughly only 1/4 hour.

Just a short distance away at Sendlinger Tor, a demonstration against the hate group Besorgte Eltern (Concerned Parents) was underway.  The Besorgte Eltern is yet another variation on radical right populism, racism, neonazism, homophobia.  Surprisingly, a Bagida member, who was with a woman the week before who committed a violent attack on a local journalist with the mast of a flag, made a conspicuous appearance and began photographing the event and went to the info stand to ask questions and read the flowcharts of how various hate groups, movements, and parties, including Pegida, interact with others.  He repeatedly approached local journalists to photograph them. 

Montags (the last Bagida rally before an extended pause) here
Further Escalation here
Conflict in the Old Botanical Garden (neonazi attack) here
Die Rechte II (same neonazi group as the Keup Street entry) here

Provocation here 
Keup Street Is Everywhere Keupstraße ist überall (neonazi rally) here
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Kein Mensch (Dresden) Here
Muenster Keinen Meter here
July 26th, Munich here
*omitted was demonstration #3 

Andre Wächter, Munich City Council (Stadtrat)

Prominent member of Muegida, the now-dissolved competitor of Bagida, who sometimes makes appearances at the latter.

Bagida/die Freiheit organizer/security/member of the German Defence League

Bagida member accosting journalist:

Had resorted to sorcery to try and get a rise out of the journalist.


Controversial flag in the center, also seen at Bagida, Pegida, and Neonazi rallies throughout Germany.  Discussed in a previous post.

Fritz Schmude, Munich City Council (Stadtrat)

Counter-demonstrators mocking the Alternative for Germany's logo:

Demonstration against the Besorgte Eltern:

Bagida participant, previously spotted at a Bagida march with a woman who physically attacked a local journalist with a flagpole, directly after (as documented) having been told something by Bagida organizer Rolf H.

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