Monday, September 21, 2015

Die Rechte Bahnhofplatz

The Munich branch of the Die Rechte neonazi party held yet another rally at the Munich main train station.  The last time they held a rally here, it was part of a series in one day, where three of which resulted in violence and the arrest of Victoria Grasser, girlfriend of Philipp Hasselbach.  Numerous times she attacked demonstrators across the barricades, even thinking it was a good idea to cross them into the mass of already angered counter-demonstrators.

This rally was purely a provocation and was attended by numerous figures in the far- and radical right sector, including Renate Werlberger, the de facto head of Munich's NPD (another neonazi party).  Werlberger, in fact, works in the eyeglass section at the Marienplatz Galleria Kaufhof (a department store chain similar to Macy's), a fact which the company is aware of and it would be naive to believe her managers and coworkers are unaware, considering the fact that she holds racist NPD rallies, accompanied by known neonazis, nearly directly behind her workplace.  She also leaves work and attends Pegida/Bagida rallies nearby, including at Stachus, and she's been featured in numerous articles displaying her alongside radicals, neonazi terrorists, anti-semites, and so on.  Even in the photos below, she is on display next to the renowned Peter Meidl, who has no issue declaring himself as "proud to be a neonazi".  He has numerous legal processes against him right now, including Holocaust Denial.

Werlberger is yet another case of how soft Germany is on nazism, despite the fact that people outside of the country perpetuate fairy tales about how harsh Germany is and how there is zero tolerance.  Munich is a rather complicated place in this regard, as it's felt that nazis are welcomed here (and, indeed, people like Hasselbach are imports into Munich).

The mobilization by counter-demonstrators was encouraging, however.  Unfortunately, there were violent offensives by police against the counter-demonstrators, as well as against us in the press.  The organization was pitiful, at best, with police preferring to use force, rather than deescalation.  Then, ludicrously, the police heads began using force against media representatives in order to try and block coverage of police offensive actions against demonstrators.  The police count, which was reprinted by Sueddeutsche Zeitung was "200"- a completely ridiculous figure underestimated by a fact as much as 2.5.  It is simply not possible for only 200 counter-demonstrators to have been able to nearly completely surround die Rechte in such a complex intersection.  Furthermore, there were 100 police on the scene.  100 police, ready to use force, and they had little to no control over 200 demonstrators?  What purpose does it serve for the Munich police to place with such numbers?

Furthermore, die Rechte also had run-ins with the media, which were met with drastically reduced force, despite their recent history of extreme violence and escalation tactics.

As if that wasn't ludicrous enough, known, violent neonazi sympathizer "Ramazan", who has had numerous violent run-ins with counter-demonstrators and journalists, was among Die Rechte.  He is also often with Pegida, as documented.  The following day, he was marching with Turkish nationalists and Grey Wolves, inciting violence and having attacked a journalist.  He was also somehow involved in a near riot at Odeonsplatz, where a police officer that was questioning him was later attacked by the Turkish nationalists.  What makes this ludicrous is that on Saturday (and Mondays), he protests against Islam with neonazis and racists.  On Sunday, he is marching with mostly muslims as part of a right-radical Turkish nationalist movement.  He was also involved in situations where a cop that questioning him was attacked by the crowd moments later, which will be documented in another post.

Galleria Kaufhof eyeglass saleswoman Renate Werlberger, the de facto head of Munich's NPD, with Philipp Hasselbach and numerous other known neonazis and Maria W. a regular Pegida member, conspiracy theorist, and sympathizer with militant terror groups, such as III. Weg.

Galleria Kaufhof eyeglass saleswoman Renate Werlberger, the de facto head of the NPD, alongside accused Holocaust denier Peter Meidl, who also has said numerous times "I am proud to be a neonazi".
Die Rechte's organizer harassing a journalist.

Die Rechte participant, approaching journalists to intimidate.


One of numerous incidents between police and journalists.

Galleria Kaufhof eyeglass saleswoman Renate Werlberger, the de facto head of the NPD, alongside accused Holocaust denier Peter Meidl, who also has said numerous times "I am proud to be a neonazi".

A die Rechte organizer attempted to attack journalists.

Police speaker who bumped journalists numerous times.  One point claimed a journalist bumped him.  He was also the speaker present for the worst of the winter bagida marches, where there was widespread violence against journalists and the public.

"Aryan" seen on the belt buckle, fanny pack (!) from a known neonazi brand/supplier.

Galeria Kaufhof eyeglass saleswoman Renate Werlberger with neonazi Philipp Hasselbach.

All known neonazis, on the right a regular Bagida/Pegida participant.

Ramazan in the hood towards the left.  Dan Eising, Nuremburg neonazi next to him.  Ramazan was described above.

A colleague photographed him giving what appears to be the Hitler Salute.  No police action was taken.

Galleria Kaufhof eyeglass saleswoman Renate Werlberger, the de facto head of the NPD, holding a racist speech.  She is your eyeglass salewoman, once again.  The company is fully aware.

Heckler walked by and made gestures indicating he felt die Rechte were morons.

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