Saturday, June 2, 2012

Christopher Street Day Parade, Dresden Germany, 2012

One of the most fun moments I've had since I regrettably left NYC in 2008.  NYC, being the home of the real "Christopher Street" in The Village.

I had no idea of this parade for gay rights, as the different quarters are often somewhat segregated and events are often poorly promoted.

However, I was very, very lucky to have been in the city center for some shopping and had my camera along for the trip.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a need for such parades and demonstrations, as Saxony, in the former east Germany, has fairly archaic attitudes and laws that work against same-sex couples.  So this asinine "puritanism" is not exclusive to some parts of the US.

This is no surprise, really, as Dresden is several decades behind Germany (which is already decades behind the rest of the world) in acceptance of foreigners.  Proof of this is Dresden's annual Nazi march, the largest in all of Europe. This is a sad reality I face here on a daily basis.

And the poor guy that had a bachelor's party at the same time, same place: