Monday, December 7, 2015

March of Progress

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Shot in front of Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC, June 2015

The title of this entry was taken from the superficial presentation of images by Rudolf Zallinger in which he proposed a linear timeline of the progress of primate evolution from the apelike ancestors to Homosapiens.  This was the so called "March of Progress".

Over the years, the presentation has been simplified, cut apart, as well as often being found in the internet as variants where a deevolution takes place, with the final spots often involving computer/smartphone/tablet users/internet trolls.  Regardless of corrections, clarifications, and criticisms, the illustrations remain iconic and gateways to further learning of evolutionary biology, genetics, fossil and geological history.

"March of Progress" is also the title of the ninth studio album from British progressive band Threshold. This album was released after a five-year hiatus and marked the return of their original, iconic vocalist Damian Wilson for the third time.  Wilson replaced Threshold's no-less iconic singer Mac after his departure from the band and subsequent death.

The album's thematics are shrouded and highly developed, as is typical for Threshold, with many being metaphorical and seemingly representing the darkness of the human experience, from personal relationships and loss to war and living under political systems.  Furthermore, many Threshold albums and lyrics have strong, overt connections to various themes in science, such as space exploration, chemistry, and genetics. Perhaps these themes (among others) will be further detailed in the future in this blog.

After being a fan for countless years, I was able to photograph Threshold's brilliant, intense performance in Munich.  On display was incredible chemistry between the members, little to no isolation from the audience (and the band subsequently bringing us into the performance), and classy virtuosity that didn't detract from the songs.

After 25+ years, Threshold is clearly still one of the best acts in the harder side of prog.

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Threshold Munich concert here
42nd St. NYC here

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wir Stimmen fuer gefluechtete Menschen

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Long Distance Calling 2014 here
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God Seed live here
Nachtgarm (Negator) here
sG (Secrets Of The Moon) here 
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Swallow The Sun live here
Amorphis live here 
Interview with Laakso (Kuolemanlaakso) & V. Santura here
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Valient Thorr live here
Krakow live here  
Solstafir live here
Audrey Horne live/interview here
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Kalmah live here
Attic live here
Victor Griffin's In Graved live here
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