Saturday, April 18, 2015


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Links to other concerts below.

Drummer Frost can be seen close up in this posting while playing with 1349 in Munich in November.

Daily tour photos by Espen Ixtlan posted daily on the Satyricon Facebook page here

Details of Satyricon's "Live At The Opera":


Bass Anders Odden (Cadaver, Magenta, Celtic Frost [live], Order, tour manager, industry workaholic)

Guitar Diogo Bastos
Keyboards Anders Hunstad (Sarke)

Guitar: Steinar Gundersen (Sarke, Spiral Architect, ICS Vortex)

L-R Guitar Diogo Bastos, Bass Anders Odden

with Frost (drums), third from left.

Jex Thoth live here
Threshold live here
1349 live here
Insomnium live here
Fleshgod Apocalypse and Stam1na live here
PHILM (feat. Dave Lombardo) live here
Saint Vitus and Orange Goblin live here 
Clutch live here
Mayhem live here
Hirax live here
Long Distance Calling 2014 here
Ghost Brigade here 
God Seed live here
Nachtgarm (Negator) here
sG (Secrets Of The Moon) here 
Hamferd live/interview here
Swallow The Sun live here
Amorphis live here 
Interview with Laakso (Kuolemanlaakso) & V. Santura here
Orange Goblin live here
Kadavar live here
Valient Thorr live here
Krakow live here  
Solstafir live here
Audrey Horne live/interview here
Audrey Horne 2014 live here
Kalmah live here
Attic live here
Victor Griffin's In Graved live here
Valborg live here
Bison (Bison BC) here
Triptykon live here
Long Distance Calling live/interview here