Saturday, February 13, 2016

Munich Security Conference 2016 #MSC2016

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More to follow.

Link to pics from the Munich Security Conference 2015 #MSC2015 here


The NPD Party here
Munich Security Conference 2016 #MSC2016 here
Pegida Munich Anniversary here
Refugees Welcome II here
Refugees Welcome Wir Stimmen fuer gefluechtete Menschen (concert photos) here 
Monday Blockade here
Anti-PKK/Turkish Nationalist/Grey Wolf Demonstration
Die Rechte Bahnhofplatz

III. Weg Militant Neonazi Group 
Bagida Information Stand here
Pegida July here
Bagida Shifts Further To The Right here
Waffen-SS Division Charlemagne Memorial here
National Socialism Documentation Center Protest here  
Alternative for Germany rally here  
Montags (the last Bagida rally before an extended pause) here 
Further Escalation here
Conflict in the Old Botanical Garden (neonazi attack) here
Die Rechte II (same neonazi group as the Keup Street entry) here
Provocation here   
Keup Street Is Everywhere Keupstraße ist überall (neonazi rally) here
More Bagida here
Bagida VII here
Bagida VI here
Bagida V here
Point/Counterpoint (separately posted picture from this rally) here
Pegida Bagida (rally 4) here
Pegida Muegida here
NoPegida (record-breaking counter demonstration in Munich) here
Muenchen ist Bunt here
Kein Mensch (Dresden) Here
Muenster Keinen Meter here
July 26th, Munich here