Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Bonn's Valborg (Zeitgeister Music) first hit my radar a few years ago and only recently did I have the opportunity to see them live.  

I previously wrote this elsewhere:
To use cliches, they come in like 'cleaners' in movies, completely cold, then during the performance, leave the feeling that they might possibly fuck us up for no reason...
The missing element in the writing was about the violent nature of the performance.  The trio violently handles their instruments.  They play violently and heavily.  Their body language and motions are violent.  All in contrast to their conspicuously cold and calm behavior prior to the show.  Then it all changes in an instant.

And it is because of this, Valborg needs no light show, no frills, no cheap tricks, no encore.

"Categorization is difficult."

Jan Buckard

Christian Kolf of the incredible Valborg and Owl, both on Zeitgeister Music, based in Germany


With Florian Toyka (drums, guitar, right) courtesy

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


"I am healthy...I have a home...I'm collecting for Beer!!!"