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Special thanks to Richard West/Threshold

A larger set than what I'm normally used to posting.  However, from beginning to end, Threshold delivered one of the most outstanding and unpredictable shows I've seen anywhere, from any band.  Coupled with their outstanding performance was an incredibly enthusiastic crowd that brought themselves into the extraordinarily interactive show.  Comparatively, Threshold's level of interaction with one another and the audience blew away Saint Vitus, who performed just recently in Munich before Wino's deportation from Europe (picture gallery here).  The hall appeared to be at near-capacity and seemingly as dense as during the Insomnium/Fleshgod Apocalypse/Stam1na show that was confirmed as "sold out" a few days before (picture gallery here).

Threshold, from the UK, plays their own unique version of progressive metal- one that is, unusually, not easily compared to any of the other major names in the genre.  In fact, before the proliferation of prog metal some years ago, Threshold was considered to be one of the "Big 4/5" of prog metal (Dream Theater, Symphony X, Vanden Plas, Fates Warning).  However, where they deviated from some of their peers was and still is in the fact that Threshold appears to write solid songs first, to which they add the more progressive embellishments. The resultant is music that is classy and focuses on atmosphere and emotion, as well as the interplay of the world-class musicians that make Threshold.  This is a refreshing take over seeing individuals fighting for the spotlight.  

Clearly, Threshold is still one of the best prog metal bands in the world, with creative output, despite difficulties and tragedies along the way, firmly on the upswing nearly 22 years after their debut.  

The band devoted a good amount of their current set to recent efforts, but with good reason- they're still able to produce "classic" songs and albums that can stand up to the music of their previous eras.  In my opinion, it's nearly a travesty for prog fans in the US that they only do infrequent, single-date engagements. The performances are simply too good and, in fact, surpass those of certain peers.  

Thus, I've extended the gallery beyond what I normally post.
Threshold @ Nuclear Blast (DE) link
Threshold @ Nuclear Blast (NA) link

Richard West Keyboards

Pete Morten Guitar

Damian Wilson Vocals

Karl Groom Guitar

Steve Anderson Bass

Johanne James Drums






Dat yoga...

Early comment: "That drummer has charisma for days. Very photogenic." -FT, Finland



Damian's version of the "Wall Of Death" (or "Wall Of Love", as renamed by one spectator).



Damian pointing at something.
Johanne pointing at Damian.

Damian pointing at something again.






Negotiations with the crowd on how to surf.

Damian launching into the crowd (missed focus).
Damian crowdsurfing at the end of the show.

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