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July 26th, Munich (Muenchen 26. Juli)

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It was a rather photography-intense weekend; three events/demonstrations in the Munich Zentrum, one leading into the other, after having photographed two bands live at the Backstage Club's excellent Free & Easy Festival.

The City of Munich offers quite a bit to do at any given time. I tend to think people here don't know how good they have it and how far the city goes to make quality of life investments- the type of investments that planners and accountants in governments often can't justify because they don't fit anywhere in their rigid financial planning matrix.

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I. Slutwalk

Information about the origins of the original Slutwalk on wikipedia: link
The organizers of the Munich Slutwalk can be reached here
Report and pictures by the Abendzeitung here  
Video report from TV Bayern here (report removed)

It is unknown if there were specific cases of victim blaming/shaming in the judicial and law enforcement systems of Munich that the demonstration was attempting to bring attention to.  I asked several participants and specific cases in Munich were unknown to them.

Victims of sexual assault presented their own accounts.  Additional messages of the demonstration are self-explanatory.

The demonstration, overall, was peaceful and friendly.  The mood was rather serious in the beginning, but gave way to a relaxed, friendly atmosphere later.  Gender exclusion did not take place.  The Munich police assisted and were professional and helpful.

Exiting the Slutwalk brought me directly into an Animal Rights awareness event at Karlsplatz.

Exiting that brought me into a march by the Munich Hare Krishnas.

Overall, "interesting" day.



II. Animal Rights event at Karlsplatz

III. March of the Hare Krishnas

A rather inebriated, but friendly gentleman that the Hare Krishnas were not very welcoming to.  Video below (failed interception at 1:50 and fistpump rejection shortly thereafter):


Kein Mensch here
München U-Bahn here
Münster: Keinenmeter here
Christopher Street Day Parade, Dresden Germany, 2012 here
Frankfurt here 

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