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Munich National Socialism Documentation Center Dedication

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On May 30th, the National Socialism Documentation Center (National Sozialismus Dokumentationszentrum) in Munich was dedicated after a long planning and building process, along with objections by far and radical right wing groups.

One such group, die Rechte ("the right", a neonazi political party) made rather bold legal maneuvers after the permission to demonstrate against the opening of the NS-Zentrum was rescinded by the Munich Kreisverwaltungsreferat. Mere hours before the demo was to take place, they brought a counter complaint against the city to the Bavarian courts and were allowed to hold a rally just around the block from the America House at Karolinenplatz during the dedication ceremonies.

Only ten neonazis showed, along with a rather impressive mobilization of peaceful protestors from the city from all levels of society- concerned citizens, students, and so on. The speeches were typically die Rechte; long, rambling, boring, spittle and conspiracy theory infused at points, and unfocused. The demonstration, rather shockingly, ran for more than two hours.

Additionally, Maria Frank of die Freiheit (a populist party in Munich originally behind Bagida and now seemingly ejected from its organization team) was handing out flyers under her own imprint on Barerstrasse. She eventually mixed with the protestors, who remained peaceful and friendly as both sides made fun of one another. This contrasts with the violent image the various Bavarian extreme-right groups present of the local protestors (while the right commits violent acts itself).

At points, Peter Meidl was seen being chastized harshly by Victoria G., later by Philipp Hasselbach. Roland Wuttke, a prominent figure in this scene that moves from rival nazi group to rival nazi group, grabbed a journalist taking photos. Victoria G. also made physical contact with and lunged for another journalist.

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*omitted was demonstration #3  

Several layers of security had to be passed through in order to reach their demonstration area, which was just around the block from the NS-Zentrum ceremonies and conferences at the Amerika Haus.

Maria Frank, die Freiheit, in playful conversation among counter-demonstrators. The friendliness, at points, is also a dangerous aspect of their strategy.

Peter Meidl, also frequently seen at Bagida demonstrations, now with the neonazi Nuegida group in Nuremburg.
Roland Wuttke with Stefan S., an organizer for Bagida.
Philipp Hasselbach with Stefan S.
Dan E. from Nuremburg (associated with the radical right scene)

Victoria G. making physical contact with a member of the press, then lunging below.

Wuttke attempting to block Hasselbach from being photographed.

Peter Meidl being chastized by Hasselbach and Victoria G.

Flowers left by counter-demonstrators

The "FCK NZS" sticker seen often around Munich.
"April 30: Hitler is dead."

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