Tuesday, April 30, 2013


What Orchid is to Black Sabbath, so is Germany's Attic to the legendary Mercyful Fate and King Diamond.

Upon the first listen, one might see vocalist Meister Cagliostro as the band's wild card; nearly replicating the style and entire range of King Diamond's unique vocals.  However, further listening, particularly in a live setting, reveals the entire band as wild cards here.  They are able to faithfully play their original material to the level of those early, classic Mercyful Fate albums and back Meister Cagliostro with absolute legitimacy.

Simply put, Attic is so much more than a second-rate tribute band.  Much like Orchid and a number of Black Sabbath-inspired bands over the decades, there is so much more here than "tribute" and "worship".  Attic has stayed faithful to the style that has obviously inspired them and executed it with style and class.  So well done, in fact, that there's no shame in listening to them alongside those early Mercyful Fate albums.

Lyrical concepts will be familar- occult, satanism, witchcraft, and a slight hint to character-based horror stories.

In summation, Attic is a superb band, with a live show that is incredibly faithful to the sound of the album.

Attic's excellent debut album (with excellent packaging) "The Invocation" is available on the German label Ván Records

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