Saturday, November 16, 2013


Germany's Kadavar, a three-piece psychedelic/stoner rock act that draws from such acts as early Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Led Zeppelin, and some others of the hard rock/psychedelic rock/early doom era.

While less doom-infused than several of the subgenre's current forerunners (such as Orchid), they are no less high energy, with blistering drum performances by Christoph "Tiger” Bartelt as a central attraction.  To draw comparisons, his style resembles a 1970 Bill Ward mixed with a 1992 Chuck Biscuits, wrapped up in what looks like a 7 foot tall (2,1m) package on stage.  Of course, moved forward to within just a couple of feet of the edge of the stage.

Singer/guitarist Christoph "Lupus“ Lindemann likewise delivers blistering and viscious guitarwork in between fantastic riffing.

On bass, newcomer to the band, Simon "Dragon” Bouteloup, is another conspicuously tall member, originating from France and then having relocated to Berlin after joining newcomers The Oath.

Adding to the experience was the fantastic community that frequents the Bastard Club in Osnabrueck, Germany.


Middle finger extending...


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