Friday, April 19, 2013

Victor Griffin's In-Graved

Victor Griffin is a legendary figure of metal history, most often associated with one of the early pioneering doom metal bands Pentagram.

In 2012, Griffin left Pentagram in order to more aggressively pursue his own direction with In-Graved, adding some well-respected names to his lineup, including ex-Trouble member Jeff Olson on keyboards, Guy Pinhas (notably of Goatsnake, among others) on bass, and Pete Campbell (Place of Skulls, among others) on drums.

The music is more hard rock oriented, but with something of a darker twist to it and those very dynamic heavy metal leanings not present often in typical blues/hard rock. Thematically, there are religious leanings that Victor doesn't hide, but he avoids preaching in favor of going into themes of life, struggle, spiritualism, and emergence.  Thus, heavy metal fans that often shy away from religious music should not be scared off, especially since many of us have accepted, unconditionally, more overtly religious songs by Pentagram, Black Sabbath, Wino, Trouble, and others.

I did, however, give the sign of the horns in between songs, but as an automatic reflex in appreciation of the music.  It took me a few songs to rewire myself around that, but I really don't think the band cared, so long as we were there to appreciate the show.

In-Graved is on the stellar, up and coming Finnish label, Svart Records.

As of today, they are in Tilburg, NL for the Roadburn Festival, but will continue their European tour thereafter.  Tour dates here.


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