Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saint Vitus and Orange Goblin

In quite possibly the best-matched tour of 2014, the legendary Saint Vitus and Orange Goblin performing together, in Munich, with the latter touring in support of its recently-released "Back From The Abyss" album.

Both bands complemented one another incredibly well, even down to the intense interaction with the crowd and on- and off-stage unpredictability.  While Orange Goblin is quite possibly the best live band running today, Saint Vitus, despite their 35+ years in the music business, brought no less energy and enthusiasm to the stage (and audience area).

Special thanks to Ben Ward and Orange "Fucking" Goblin.

Previous shots of Orange Goblin 2013 at the Bastard Club in Osnabrueck, Germany here
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Official video for "Sabbath Hex" from the latest Orange Goblin release.







Smartphone shots after the photography time-limit was reached:

The guy that grabbed Dave's arm and wouldn't let go.



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