Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Audrey Horne

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Links to other concerts below.

Long-format interview and live pics with Torkjell Rød/Audrey Horne, Muenster, 2013 HERE

Installment number three of a series of rather "insane" live bands to come through Munich in a short span of time.  The others being the legendary Saint Vitus (pics here) and the UK's incomparable Threshold (pics here).  All three share an unpredictable, sometimes chaotic, and highly interactive live presentation that can indeed take place from anywhere in the concert hall with zero isolation from the fans.  Their 2013 concert (see above link) was very high energy, but for 2014, it appears they wanted to top last year's performances.

As evidenced in some of pictures, vocalist Torkjell Rød even turned himself into a fellow spectator of his own band, while simultaneously performing with it.

There is little doubt that Audrey Horne is among the top live acts one may see- they blend together humor, world-class musicianship, rock anthems, incredible unpredictability, and interaction with the fans.

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Special thanks to Claudia Steinlechner/Napalm Records, Austria

 "Holy Roller" from the Pure Heavy LP on Napalm Records






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